Timex Winter Raid 360°


Дата: 8 лютого 2012
Вид спорту: мультиспорт
Тип події: Міжнародна
Місце проведення: Польша, Zamość, Poland
Організатор: 360 team


Timex Winter Raid 360°.

We'd like to invite you to Winter Raid 360 Degrees, which is going to be held in Poland, Zamość, 08-12. February 2012. Basic infos about the race you can find on our website (http://www.team360.pl/zima_2012/); we're going to fill it with more hints as the competition is going closer and closer...

Hope to see you in Poland this winter, hope to spend some freezy - but cool and interesting moments during the race.

For those, who care some entertainment - a trailer of the film from the previous Winter Raid: http://www.team360.pl/node/2021

For those, who care to compete - it's going to be a first event of AREuroseries'2012

Any other reason is a good reason to come, too...

So - see you in Zamość! Hopefully to see some russian competitors in February...

regards - Igor Błachut, team 360 degrees (+48 609-833-555)


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